About the river

The Duwamish is Seattle’s hometown river.

Named for the Native Americans who welcomed settlers to its banks, the river was later straightened and dredged to make way for shipping and industry. 98% of the river’s habitat was destroyed, and the century that followed left a legacy of toxic pollution that continues to poison its fish, wildlife, and exposed communities – including local residents; tribes; and fishing families – today.
Photo by Paul Joseph Brown

In 2001, the Duwamish River was labeled a federal Superfund Site – one of the most toxic sites in the nation. Today, we have an opportunity to clean it up. But it won’t happen without your help. The EPA has proposed a “cleanup” plan that would leave 80% of the contaminated mud behind, posing ongoing risks to the environment and people’s health.

Take action today to help us gain the support of our city, our county, and the EPA for a true cleanup that protects our health.

Help us secure a #riverforall!